English title dissertation Searching for order in disorder: Self-management education for persons with bipolar disorders and their informal caregivers
Name PhD (surname first) van den Heuvel, Silvio
Doctor is (has been) nurse
Date of promotion 11/01/2021
University Radboud UMC en KU Leuven
Promotores Theo van Achterberg, Hester Vermeulen, Peter Goossens en Cees Terlouw
Linkedin-account linkedin.com
Researchgate-url researchgate.net
Abstract (English)

Bipolar disorder is a severe mental illness that manifests itself in recurrent (hypo-) manic and depressive episodes affecting approximately 1.3% of the Dutch population. The Dutch multidisciplinary guideline advices self-management of bipolar disorder next to pharmaceutical- and psychological treatment to prevent recurrent episodes. Self-management of bipolar disorder entails a bundle of non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as mood monitoring, rapid response on early warning signs, recurrence prevention, and social rhythm therapy. Standing on their own, these self-management interventions for bipolar disorders seem to be effective. However, outcomes vary across the population and it is unknown how self-management education for bipolar disorders works. This study examined the underlying mechanisms of educational self-management interventions for bipolar disorders.

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