English title dissertation Treatment and outcome of neonatal haemorrhagic brain injury
Name PhD (surname first) Brouwer, Mieke
Doctor is (has been) nurse
Date of promotion 21/06/2011
University Universiteit Utrecht
Promotores Prof dr LS de Vries & Dr F Groenendaal
Abstract (English)

Aims of this thesis are:
To gain insight in the different perspectives on the diagnosis and treatment of PHVD in European centres with a special interest in neonatal neurology. (Chapter 2)
To assess the incidence of infections of subcutaneous reservoirs in the treatment of PHVD in preterm infants. (Chapter 3)
To describe our unit’s management of PHVD and report on the outcome of our pilot project of nurse-managed subcutaneous reservoir punctures. (Chapter 4)
To report the evolution and short-term neurodevelopmental outcome of preterm infants with GMH-IVH grade III and IV, using routine low- threshold intervention of associated PHVD. (Chapter 5)
To evaluate neurodevelopmental and cognitive outcomes at 5-8 years of age, among preterm infants who had a severe IVH (grade III or IV) and required neurosurgical intervention, either a subcutaneous reservoir and/or a VP shunt. (Chapter 6)
To describe precipitating factors, presenting symptoms and neuro- imaging data as well as neurodevelopmental outcome of full-term infants in whom an imaging diagnosis (CT or MRI) of ICH was made. (Chapter 7)

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