English title dissertation Preservative care. A philosophy for nurses
Name PhD (surname first) Jukema, Jan S.
Doctor is (has been) nurse
Date of promotion 25/01/2011
University Universiteit Utrecht
Promotores Prof. dr M.H.F. Grypdock, prof. dr. M.A. Verkerk
Linkedin-account linkedin.com
Abstract (English)

Aim of this interpretative hermeneutic study is to develop a well-founded vocabulary with which the meaning and value of the phenomenon of presence can be effectively communicated. The research questions are: 1. What is presence in the relationship between the very vulnerable chronically ill patient and nurse? 2. When is in the day-to-day direct care by nurses their presence experienced by the very vulnerable chronically ill patient? 3. Which meaning does presence have for the very vulnerable chronically ill patient in day-to-day care by nurses?

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