Title dissertation Name PhD Date University
Searching for order in disorder: Self-management education for persons with bipolar disorders and their informal caregiversvan den Heuvel, Silvio11/01/2021Radboud UMC en KU Leuven
Self-management support using mHealth in patients with COPD . From promise to proof.Korpershoek, Yvonne04/03/2021Universiteit Utrecht
What's on your mind? Emotions and perceptions of liver transplant candidates and recipientsAnnema, Coby09/01/2017Rijks Universiteit Groningen
Hope and positive thinking for people with cancerNierop- van Baalen, Corine30/09/2020Universiteit Gent
Selfmanagment in transition for patients with a rheumatic diseaseWalter05/12/2018Erasmus
Revitalising DisclosureBrugmans02/07/2020Erasmus Universiteit
The Challenge of E-Communication in Primary Healthcarede Jong, Catharina Carolina (Rolien)20/12/2018Universiteit van Amsterdam
The impact and organization of skill mix change in healthcare for older people; Substituting physicians with nurse practitioners, physician assistants or nursesLovink Marleen17/12/2019Radboud Universiteit
Interprofessional communication and clinical leadership in the development of network-based primary careNieuwboer Minke20/12/2019Radbouduniversiteit
JUST WORRY; exploring triggers used by nurses to identify surgical patients at risk for clinical deteriorationGooske Douw04/10/2018Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
The impact of neuromuscular diseases on functioning and quality of lifeBos Isaäc11/04/2018Universiteit van Groningen
Transmural Clinics: a nursing innovations exploredTemmink, Denise24/11/2000Maastricht
Nurses in SpaceBoonen Marcel13/11/2017Universiteit voor Humanistiek
Telehealth Competence in Nursing: Enhancing Skills and Practice in Providing Care Remotelyvan Houwelingen, Thijs12/06/2018Universiteit Utrecht
Rethinking Management of Risk Factors in Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular DiseaseSnaterse, Marjolein12/09/2018Universiteit van Amsterdam
Prediction and Non-pharmacological Prevention of Delirium in the Intensive Care UnitWassenaar, Annelies16/05/2018Radboud Universiteit
Improving postoperative pain care; an Acute Pain Service data analysisBoekel van, Rianne14/12/2017Radboud Universiteit
Critical Pressure. Pressure ulcer care in critically ill patients and hospitalised patients at largeDe Laat11/09/2006Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Multi-dimensional challenges in geriatric rehabilitation: The GRAMPS studyBuijck Bianca08/05/2013Raboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Person-centred communication with people with dementia living in nursing homes; a study into implementation success and influencing factorsBoersma, Petra13/10/2017VU University Amsterdam
Applied clinimetrics in critical careRijkenberg, Saskia12/01/2018Tilburg University
Patient preferences in nursing decision-making. A theory about fine-tuning knowledge in acute care.Den Hertog, Ria08/12/2015Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Getting Better; Nurse practitioner's research for quality improvement in cardiac surgery.van Valen, R.01/11/2017Erasmus Universiteit
Leadership as blended care: on daily work and habitus of nurse middle managers in hospitals.Lalleman Pieterbas16/11/2017Universiteit Utrecht
SAFE or SORRY?: A programme to implement multiple guidelines simultaneouslyvan Gaal, Betsie05/04/2011Radboud University
Between expectations and reality. Self-management support in nursing practice and nurse educationvan Hooft, Susanne25/10/2017Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Finding Florence: shedding light on nurse practitioners' professional responsibilityter Maten-Speksnijder13/09/2016Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Feedback, the way forward? How feedback on quality measurements affects nurses’ well-being and quality improvementGiesbers A.P.M. (Suzanne)03/10/2017Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Telemonitoring in patients with heart failureBoyne JJJ13/12/2013Maastricht University Medical Centre
The impact of nurse practitioners in primary carevan der Biezen Mieke12/10/2017Radboud University
Development and validation of the Nurses’ Observation Scale for Cognitive Abilities - NOSCAPersoon, Anke21/10/2010Radboudumc
Patient, Privy and Privacy Stool as a scientific problemBruggen, Harry van der14/03/1991Rijksuniveristeit Limburg
Improving the Management of Self-Harm in PsychiatryKool-Goudzwaard, Nienke12/01/2015Vrije Universiteit
Headnurses about life in general hospitalsBergh-Braam, Anneke van den08/06/1984Rijksuniversiteit Limburg
Early recognition of deliriumSchuurmans, Marieke J.08/05/2001Universiteit Utrecht
Early Detection of Post-Stroke DepressionMan-van Ginkel, Janneke de30/08/2012Universiteit Utrecht
Prevention of nosocomial bloodstream infections in preterm infantsHelder Onno13/04/2013Erasmus MC
No effect without ethics; the reduction of seclusion in psychiatry from a care ethics perspectiveVoskes, Yolande15/01/2015VUmc
Between dream and sleep: Towards evidence based nursing care for sleep problemsde Niet, Gerrit03/05/2011Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Neonatal Pain, Out of Sight Out of Mindvan Ganzewinkel, Christ-jan06/10/2016Maastricht
Heart Rate Variability and Frontal EEG Asymmetry as Markers of Psychological PainMeerwijk, Esther Lydia14/06/2013University of California, San Francisco
Emerging epistemologies: making sense of teaching practiceNiessen30/11/2007Universiteit Maastricht
High dose treatment for hematologic malignancies: From Rituals to Evidence Based PracticeMank Arno01/02/2013UvA/AMC
Treatment Adherence, Health Related Quality of Life and Aging in HIV-1 infected patientsLangebeek Nienke08/06/2017Universiteit van Amsterdam
Medication management in Homecare PatientsSino12/12/2013Utrecht
Adding life to years. Quality of life of people with dementia receiving long-term careBeerens29/04/2016Maastricht
Sexual Health Care After Cancer DiagnosisGamel Claudia J.03/10/2000Utrecht University
Geen Engelstalige titelVan der Kooij Cora18/12/2003Vrije Universiteit
Photography as a nursing instrument in mental health care. How to use clients' photostories for recoverySitvast, Jan06/12/2011Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Phtotgraphy as a nursing instrument in mental health care. How to use clients'photo stories for recoverySitvast, Jan06/12/2010Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Home Parenteral Nutrition. From prolonging to improving life.Huisman - de Waal28/06/2010Radboud Universiteit
Delirium in cardiac surgery. A study on risk-assessment and long-term consequencesKoster Sandra14/10/2011Universiteit Twente
What happens and what matters; A Study on Palliative and Terminal care in the Hospital (PalTeC-H)Witkamp F.E. (Erica)07/04/2015Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Learning to Improve, Improved LearningWeggelaar-Jansen Anne Marie (J.W.M.)30/04/2015Erasmus University Rotterdam
How to measure nurses' knowledge and attitude regarding older patients?Dikken Jeroen20/06/2017Universiteit Utrecht / Hogeschool Utrecht
Providing Structure: unraveling and building a psychiatric nursing interventionVoogt, Amar17/11/2016Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Balancing Coincident Worlds The emotional impact of patients' relatives and professionals in the intensive careMargo van Mol21/06/2017Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Brief admission for patients with BPD. Development of a self-management intervention to prevent or overcome crisis.Helleman-Funhoff Marjolein25/04/2017Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen; KU Leuven
Pain Unheard? Postoperative Pain Assessment in Neonates and Infantsvan Dijk Monique24/01/2001Erasmus University Medical Center
THINKING BEYOND NUMBERS - Nursing Staff and Quality of Care in Nursing HomesBackhaus, Ramona12/04/2017Maastricht University
Parenting a middle-aged child with cancer: A delicate balancing act for parents, children and health care providers.Van Humbeeck Liesbeth23/11/2016UGent
Primary care nursing for COPD patients: a biopsychosocial perspectiveWeldam, Saskia03/11/2016Universiteit Utrecht
Delirium in Intensive Care Patients ; detection, impact, prediction, prevention, and biomarkersvan den Boogaard, Mark02/04/2012Radboudumc
Indicators for the quality of hospital care: beyond the numbersvan Dishoeck, AM11/11/2015Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Continuing Professional Development for Nurses; Mission or profession?Brekelmans Gerard05/10/2016Tilburg University en Erasmus MC
Effective excellence in nursing: Bridging the gap between measurement of quality of nursing care and clinical realityStalpers Dewi20/09/2016Universiteit van Utrecht
Aftercare and specialised community nursingKetelaars24/05/1996Maastricht
Prediction of Pressure Ulcers: Problems and ProspectsSchoonhoven, Lisette07/02/2003Universiteit Utrecht
On-the-Job Learning Styles: Conceptualization and Instrument Development for the Nursing ProfessionBerings Marjolein04/10/2006Tilburg University
The Meaning of Nursing: A comparative analysis of the conceptual history of modern nursing in the United States (1873-1960)Peet, Rob van der06/07/1988University of Manchester
COMFORTABLY CALM; Soothing Sedation of Critically Ill Children Without Withdrawal SymptomsIsta, Erwin18/06/2008Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
TAKING ACTION FOR ACTION A study of the interplay between contextual and facilitator characteristics in developing an effective workplace culture in a Dutch hospital setting, through action research.van Lieshout28/06/2013University of Ulster, Belfast UK
Continuity of care and client satisfaction in the community : a study of professional and non-professional care for the chronically illvan Achterberg, Theo17/01/1997Universiteit Maastricht
Psychosocial aspects of medication nonadherence after kidney transplantationTielen06/04/2016Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Surveillance and control of Hospital-Acquired Infections in the Netherlands: ten-year experience in an acute care hospitalMintjes-de Groot A.J.05/06/1996Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Quality of Sleep in Hospital SettingsCox Karen09/10/1992Maastricht University
Early detection of parenting and developmental problems in young children: a structured dialogue with parentsStaal Ingrid16/02/2016Universiteit Utrecht
In Search of the 'Whole Person'. Duty, Responsibility, and Identity in Nursing in the Netherlands: 1955-1988Duivesteijn-Ockeloen, Koos12/02/2016Open Universiteit Nederland
Frailty & late-life depression: a delicate balanceCollard Rose07/10/2015Radboud Universiteit
Dealing with dementia: effects of integrated emotion-oriented care on adaptation and coping of people with dementia in nursing homes; a qualitative study as part of a randomized clinicla trial.de Lange, Jacomine26/05/2004Erasmus Universiteit
Parenting a child with autism. Support for early parent-child interaction.Poslawsky Irina Elizabeth09/01/2014Universiteit Utrecht
Preparing patients for gastrointestinal endoscopy. The influence of information in medical sitautionsVliet, Marjolein van24/04/2001Universiteit Utrecht
Care Avoidance and Care Paralysis. Competencies in Public Mental Health.Schout14/06/2007Department of Medical Humanities of VU University Medical Centre
Case management in primary palliative carevan der Plas, Annicka14/12/2015VUmc
Intensive supportive care during treatment for haematological malignancies - from detection and selection to actionvan Vliet, Maarten10/12/2015Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen
Person-Centred Leadership: A critical participatory action research study exploring and developing a new style of (clinical) nurse leadershipCardiff, Shaun01/07/2014Ulster University, UK.
Modeling and Managing the patients’ need for clinical careOostveen, Catharina J. van20/02/2015Universiteit van Amsterdam
Continuing professional development across the nursing career. A lifespan perspective on CPD motives and learning activities.Pool, Inge17/11/2015Universiteit Utrecht
Sexuality and intimacy in cancer and palliative care in the Netherlands: A hermeneutic studyde Vocht, Hilde16/11/2011Birmingham City University
Nutritional status in children with cancer; prevalence, related factors, and consequences of malnutritionBrinksma, Aeltsje01/10/2014Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen
selfmanagement of vascular riskfactorsSol de Rijk20/03/2009Universiteit Utrecht
Clinical Studies on Secondary Prevention of Suicide AttemptsSande, Rob van der25/11/1997Universiteit Utrecht
Nurse-led follow-up and palliative care of esophageal cancer patientsVerschuur Els M.L.11/10/2007Erasmus MC
Stress and discomfort in the care of preterm infants: A study of the Comfort Scale and the Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program (NIDCAP®) in a Dutch level III NICUWielenga, Joke M.22/04/2008Universiteit van amsterdam
Airway management and respiratory tract colonization in intensive care patientsJongerden Irene24/05/2011Utrecht
Get moving! Self-management support using mobile technologyVerwey Renée16/09/2015Zuyd Hogeschool
Postoperative pain in children, assessment and interventionHamers Jan12/10/1995Universiteit Maastricht
Supporting self-directing and demand-led careVerkooijen Lineke31/10/2006Universiteit voor Humanistiek Utrecht
Ambivalent connections Improving community mental health care for non-psychotic chronic patients perceived as ‘difficult’Koekkoek, Bauke14/01/2011Radboud Nijmegen
Human Functioning in Health Care. The application of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF).Stallinga, H.A.14/10/2015Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Working = Learning. A complexity approach to workplace learning within residential care for older peopleSnoeren, Miranda01/07/2015VU medisch centrum
Living in the face of deathUitdehaag Madeleen14/06/2012Erasmus Universiteit
Towards nursing competencies in spiritual careLeeuwen, René van13/02/2008Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Managing the complications of intravenous devices in the neonatal intensive care unit: a contribution to patient safetyArnts I.J.J.23/09/2015Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Co-ordination of care for the complex medically illLatour, Corine12/09/2006Vrije Universiteit
Having a Feel for Others' PainBoerlage, Anneke16/12/2011Erasmus MC
Much to gain in pain. Early and initial pain management in trauma patients in prehospital and hospital based emergency care.Berben, Sivera A. A.31/10/2011Radboud Universiteit
Hospital discharge : problems and interventionsMistiaen Patriek25/10/2007Maastricht University
Personalized Primary Care for Older People: An evaluation of a multicomponent nurse-led care programBleijenberg, Nienke17/10/2013Universiteit van Utrecht
Fatigue in patients with Rheumatoid ArthritisRepping-Wuts, Han05/03/2009Radboud Nijmegen
Notes on burn nursing: aspects of pain managementde Jong, Alette24/09/2015Universiteit Utrecht
Needs of elderly people with late-life depression; challenges for care improvementHoutjes03/06/2015Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Nurse-led follow-up care for head and neck cancer patientsLeeuw, Jacqueline de13/03/2013Radboud Universiteit
Measuring postoperative painDijk, Jacqueline van09/06/2015University Utrecht
To Be In Pain Or Not: research to improve cancer-related pain managementOldenmenger Wendy15/02/2012Erasmus Universiteit
Infections in Neonatal Intensive CareVan den Hoogen08/09/2009University Medical Center Utrecht
Exploring self-management and adherence in haemophiliaSchrijvers, Liesbeth Helene30/09/2015Universiteit Utrecht
Collaborative Care for patients with severe personality disorders. Challenges for the nursing profession.Stringer, Barbara09/10/2013Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Nederland
Preservative care. A philosophy for nursesJukema, Jan S.25/01/2011Universiteit Utrecht
Knowledge Development And Research Utilization in Evidence-Based Wound CareEskes, Anne12/12/2012UvA/AMC
The use of computer decision support systems and telemonitoring in heart failureVries, de04/09/2013RUG
In palliative care symptoms mean everythingTeunissen Saskia06/02/2007Universiteit Utrecht
Delirium - Focusing on intensive care patientsVan Rompaey Bart17/12/2009Universiteit Antwerpen
Towards strategic use of nursing information in the NetherlandsGoossen William18/10/2000Groningen
Adherence to HAART A study of patients’ perspectives and HIV nurse consultants’ strategiesVervoort, Sigrid C.J.M.19/11/2009Universiteit Utrecht
Nursing care for outpatient with bipolar disorder: a study of current practice, care needs, coping and quality of lifeGoossens Peter J.J.16/04/2008Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Teamlearning and Innovation in NursingTimmermans Olaf16/03/2012Universiteit Antwerpen
Nurse prescribing. A study on task substitution and professional jurisdctionKroezen, Marieke22/09/2014VU
Predicting and preventing postoperative decline in older cardiac surgery patientsEttema, Roelof13/03/2014Utrecht
Treatment and outcome of neonatal haemorrhagic brain injuryBrouwer, Mieke21/06/2011Universiteit Utrecht
Client-centred care . Balancing between perspectives of clients and nurses in home careSchoot, Tineke20/10/2006Maastricht University
Critical thinking and self-efficacy: usefull concepts in nursing practice and educationGloudemans, Henk27/09/2013Tilburg University
Medicatie management bij thuiszorg patientenSino, Carolien12/12/2013Universiteit Utrecht
Parenting and palliative care in paediatric oncologyKars, Marijke24/04/2012Universiteit Utrecht
Compassion in Nursing Practice. A guiding principle for quality of care.Cingel C.J.M. van der07/06/2012Erasmus Rotterdam
Implementation of Evidence Based Practice in mental health nursing. An action research studyMunten, Guus05/11/2012Tilburg University
In Case of Emergency: exploring guideline adherence in the chain of emergency careEbben, Remco17/06/2015Radboud University Nijmegen
Screening, Geriatric Assessment and Intervention  Strategies to Prevent Functional Decline in Hospitalized Older PatientsBuurman - van Es, Bianca16/09/2011Universiteit van Amsterdam
Division of work responsibilities nurses and physiciansRoodbol, Petrie F.31/03/2005University of Groningen
On Your Own Feet Adolescents with chronic conditions and their preferences and competencies for careStaa, AnneLoes van06/06/2012Erasmus Universteit
History of nursing in mental health careStegge, Cecile aan de16/03/2012Universiteit Maastricht
Relapse prevention in patients with schizophrenia : A nursing intervention studyMeijel, Berno van10/06/2003Universiteit Utrecht
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