Nederlandse titel proefschrift Communicatie in de intensive care: het meten en bewaken van de kwaliteit van de zorg om de patiëntveiligheid te verbeteren
Engelse titel proefschrift Communication in critical care: measuring and monitoring quality of care to improve patient safety
Promovendus Brunsveld-Reinders, Anja
Gepromoveerde is verpleegkundige (geweest)
Universiteit Universiteit Leiden
Datum promotie 13/10/2016
Promotores Promotor: prof. Dr. E. de Jonge. Copromotoren: mw. dr. M.S. Arbous & dr. M.G.W. Dijkgraaf
Abstract (Engels)

Healthcare systems have become more effective but are also more complex with greater use of new technologies and interventions. This can result in incidents and life threatening events during patients’ hospitalization and affect the quality of care and patient safety. The objective of the investigations was to assess the tools that are available to measure and monitor quality of care in critically ill patients and the effect of implementing some of these tools on quality of care.

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